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Hospitals and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) worldwide need oxygen for use in resuscitation, major trauma, anaphylaxis, major haemorrhage, shock, active convulsions and hypothermia to name just a few.

Other uses in the medical field include Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen¹ therapy is defined by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) as a treatment in which a patient intermittently breathes 100% oxygen while the treatment chamber is pressurized to a pressure greater than sea level (1 atmosphere absolute, ATA). The pressure increase must be systemic, and may be applied in mono-place (single person) or multi-place chambers. Multi-place chambers are pressurized with air, with oxygen given via face-mask, hood tent or endotracheal tube; while mono-place chambers are pressurized with oxygen.

1:HYPERBARIC OXYGEN: its uses, mechanisms of action and outcomes – A.L. Gill and C.N.A. Bell (Oxford Journals)



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